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Great things to do in Malaga

  • May 21, 2019
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Malaga’s Old Town is a great place to meander and see the sights. It is easy to navigate, with many pedestrian streets filled with restaurants and trendy cafes and roof top bars. One of the best things to do in Malaga is to go on tapas tours where you can try different tapas with a glass of local wine. Traditionally, you’ll be given a small plate with tapas, which can be a plate of olives, some bread with tomato or small plate with a sample of local cuisine. when you order a caña (beer) or wine at no extra cost.


You will also come across Malaga Cathedral, where construction started in the first half of the 15th century and it was only completed 200 years later, even though it’s still considered unfinished as one of the towers is missing. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Incarnation, or simply “La Catedral”, is a majestic building erected on top of a primitive mosque.  Inside you can there is a museum where you can learn all about its history.

Picasso Museum

Pablo Picasso, one of the most prominent names in the arts, is probably the most famous Malagueño. The Picasso Museum reopened its doors in 2017 and is one of two museums dedicated to the artist in town, and here you will learn about his early life, his innovative style and his own interpretation of the works of other great masters. The Picasso Museum Malaga also has some of his latest pieces, dating from the 1970’s.

Picasso Museum

Have A Hammam Experience

Many people may not know, but this part of Spain was ruled by the Arabs for over 800 years. Even though the Catholic Monarchs reconquered the region in the 15th century, parts of Andalusia still have some cultural aspects from those times. Among those, is the hammam, a traditional bathhouse better known as a “Turkish bath”.

Have A Hammam Experience

A visit to a hammam is a great way to relax after a busy day exploring Malaga. The ritual includes alternating between rooms with different temperatures, sauna and a relaxing massage in rooms covered in marble that still resemble the traditional baths.

Take a guided tour to the Alcazaba and Roman Theatre

Journey through time on a guided tour of the Roman Theatre (Teatro Romano) and Alcazaba in Málaga. Travel back to the days of Augustus, considered the 1st emperor of the Roman Empire from 27 BC until his death in AD 14. Situated in the cultural heart of Málaga, the ruins lie at the foot of the Alcazaba and is the oldest monument in the city.

Alcazaba and Roman Theatre

Enter the historic citadel to climb the walls and cross the former chapel of the Puerta del Arco de Cristo. Discover the beautiful Patio de Armas and get amazing views of the city from the top of the hill.


Hear what the building was used for and how it evolved over time, following the 15th-century Siege of Málaga during the Reconquista and beyond. Marvel at the vistas of the Fortaleza de Gibralfaro, built in the 14th century to house the troops and protect the Alcazaba from attack.

The Fortaleza de Gibralfaro

La Malagueta Beach

On a hot summer’s day, a day at the beach is a must and one of the closest to the city is Playa Malagueta, being just a 10-minute walk along the lovely promenade at the east end of Málaga’s great port. Its 0.6 mile-long, man-made stretch of fine sand provides the perfect setting for a refreshing dip and a dose of Andalusian sun, before lunch or drinks in one of the many excellent restaurants and bars on the nearby Muelle Uno – the waterfront.

La Malagueta Beach

Muelle Uno (Quay One)

This waterfront, which was redeveloped at the end of 2011 with modern shops, restaurants and bars bordering one side of the central orange tree-lined promenade and exclusive yachts flanking the other, is not your average shopping complex. The waterfront open-air mall offers a contemporary shopping and dining experience by the sea, with stunning views of La Alcazaba.

The complex boasts an impressive array of shops but for those who love markets, the monthly Zoco at Muelle Uno, takes place on the second Sunday of every month, has nearly 100 stalls selling handmade crafts and jewellery, vintage and children’s clothing, home decorations, organic foods and locally-produced olive oil and meats.

Muelle Uno Quay One

When you need some refreshments, head along the promenade to the bars and restaurants where international cuisine will take you around the world and you can sit and wonder at the spectacular sunsets and summer night life.

Bikes and Segways

You will find the Segway and Bike tours at Muelle Uno and if you’re tired of walking around, going on these tours is one of the best ways to see Malaga.  For the most part, the streets of Malaga are flat – except for the area around the castle – so it’s easy to ride your bike around town. Tours can take you around the old town, the marina and some of the beaches, including stops at some of the best viewpoints. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not hire a bike for the afternoon? Located in one of the kiosks, QQ bikes rent electric bicycles by the day, half-day or hour, depending on how far you feel like venturing along the coast. They also have a selection of Segways which can be rented by the quarter-hour for use around the port area. Additionally, the company runs guided tours of the area by electric bike and Segway. Tours must be booked in advance.

Bikes and Segways

Boat trips

If you would rather see Malaga from the water, there are catamaran boat trips out into the bay throughout the day and sunset cruises during the evenings.


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